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Joe Chicago's Pizza Company and Dr. Smoothie have joined forces! We are now pleased to offer you 21 thirst quenching smoothies and iced coffees.

1. Strawberry
Mouth watering ripe Strawberries

12. Berry Berry Good Thing
Very Berry blend with a hint of vanilla creme and fruit chunks
2. Strawberry Banana
Delicious Strawberry and Banana blended to perfection
13. Berry Orange Sky
Lively Orange Straw-Ban with bits of Strawberry

3. Four Berry
Luscious Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry and Blackberry

14. Strawberry Banana Cabana
The best Strawberry Banana smoothie this side of Chicago

4. Pineapple Paradise
Special Blend of Pineapple, Banana and Coconut

15. Strawberry Berry Cream
Berries and Cream! Berries and Cream!

5. Peach Pear Apricot
Delicious Peaches, Pears and Apricots

16. Jungle Berry
Two words...PUSH POP!

6. Mango Tropics
Exotic Blend of Mango, Pineapple and Banana

17. 50/50 Fizz
Orange Creamsicle

7. Acai Berry
Flavorful Brazilian Berry, high in antioxidants

18. Ultimate Hot Mocha
Creamy, smooth coffee/chocolate Mocha

8. Very Berry Blend
Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry and Strawberry

19. Chocolate Truffle Hot Cocoa
Thinking Hot Cocoa? Why not truffle it up?

9. Life's A Peach
Slightly sweet Peach and Apple

20. Iced Mocha
Delicious chocolate/coffee beverage

10. Island Sunset
Vibrant Orange Mango

21. Neapolitan Mocha
Chocolate Mocha with Strawberry and tons ice cream

11. Pink Lady
Creamy Pineapple Coconut and Strawberry puree with bits of Strawberrry

16 ounce Smoothie...$3.29
More flavors coming soon!